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  • Участвуем на мероприятиях вместе с Google и другими IT гигантами;
  • Обучаемся у лучших из лучших Microsoft, SAP.

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Deployment Consultant

We are looking for a Senior Deployment Consultant for the Professional Services team. In this role, you will play a leading role in the delivery of services to our key accounts in the region as well as actively contribute to the Professional Services strategy.

On any given day, you’ll be doing one, or all, of these things:

  • Leading the most complex professional services engagements for Wrike customers.
  • Tracking and maintaining accurate client records and successfully completing key onboarding services milestones using Wrike, Salesforce, and other systems.
  • Working with customers to generate reference stories, and lead best practice creation
  • Collaborating with Wrike’s Product and other teams to identify short-term solutions to issues/requests.
  • Collaborating with Sales, Sales Engineering, and Customer Success to ensure smooth hand-offs before and after on-boarding.
  • Acting as Project Manager for large-scale engagements, maintaining timelines, delegating to both internal and client resources to ensure on-time delivery of deployment milestones, trainings, and launch.
  • Scoping strategic Professional Services engagements and assisting the sales team in positioning the value of those services.
  • Building and configuring API integrations between Wrike and other solutions.
  • Acting as a coach/mentor for team members in the organisation.
  • Self-educating on work management methodologies, productivity hacks, and sharing that knowledge with the rest of the team

A strong candidate for this role looks like this:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3+ years of professional experience in a customer facing environment, ideally with organisations adopting new software solutions and technologies.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven experience in presentation skills to all levels of an organisation, with the ability to present complex ideas in an engaging way, or dive into the technical detail as needed.
  • Passionate about personal and team productivity
  • Proven experience in integrating multi-vendor IT systems and using APIs etc.
  • Excellent understanding of standard business process and organisational structure.
  • Experience of Marketing and creative team’ process is a plus
  • Strong experience in using project management methodologies such as Agile, PMI, Lean
  • Experience in managing change within organisations that are adopting new technology
  • Proven ability to coach and mentor senior colleagues
  • Great people skills: genuine, warm, positive, engaging, connects well with people, friendly, empathic, shows tact and poise under pressure when dealing with difficult interpersonal situations, high degree of patience.
  • Excellence in foreign languages is a plus
  • Critical thinker, generally curious—a true problem solver
  • Passionate about learning and improving every day, and motivated to excel
  • Open to feedback; coachable
  • Strong team player
  • Self-starter with strong ownership skills, willing to go above and beyond the job description
  • Creative and innovative

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