Unified management system (tasks&resources) deployment

  • key team processes automatization

  • digitalization of company workflows

  • customization for work specifics

  • adoption employees for changes


We implement task management product, which consists of a configuration for client’s processes, change management in the company, and training.

  1. Analyze the working system in the company, the main divisions and projects
  2. Prepare 3 key processes for implementation and transformation
  3. Structure the objects in accordance with the tasks and distribute the roles
  4. Share access between teams, configure dashboards and reports
  5. Automate approvals, project initiation process and transitions
  6. Develop a system for managing the time and workload of employees
  7. Conduct advanced training of staff and build a knowledge base
  8. Support each team and answer all relevant questions (+basic training)

The result of the work is a system customized according to the specifics of your business. This is achieved by selecting a high-quality tool based on current work processes, finalizing settings and automating transitions. The support of employees and the smooth implementation of changes throughout the process creates effective adaptation.



We have successfully deployed a task and resource management system for more than 30 clients


Refuse emails and combine all tools in one system

  • Client: Multinational Marketing agency
  • Main goal: refuse emails and combine different tools in one system


  • All work and tasks in one place with pure visibility
  • Easy process control by statuses and workflows
  • Approvements of documents in 10 min one task
  • Stopped using emails (first case) CRM and task management integration


Integrate all development tools in one ecosystem

  • Client: IT development holding (social network, chat, video broadcasting)
  • Main goal: to integrate all development tools in one ecosystem


  • Tasks redistributed and grouped by subproducts, which allow to use personal daily dashboards.
  • Integrated the necessary additional tools for development in one management system
  • Productivity increased, the number of quarter released features (beta version) grew by 43%



Progress report and increase in time delivery

  • Client: Assets management company (real estate, securities and investments)
  • Main goal: progress report and increase in time delivery


  • The number of overdue projects decreased by 2 times
  • Operations turnover increased by 9%
  • Easy transparent decision making reports



Increase transparency and cut deadlines failures by 50%

  • Client: Manufacturing enterprise (microphones and sound equipment)
  • Main goal: increase transparency and cut deadlines failures by 50%


  • Combination of orders and cost reduction by 27%
  • Key available project data and time management
  • Easy communication with production partners 90% of new units arrived on time



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