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CheckChina service launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new service - CheckChina. With the help of this development from our company you can check counterparties from China, minimize your risks when cooperating with Chinese partners and protect your business interests.

Our service provides information on companies registered in China in a detailed and structured report, which includes basic information about the company, financial statements, the history of changes in the company, a list of directors, a list of available licenses and certificates and much more.

With our service you will be able to make informed decisions based on reliable information and reporting, minimize the risks associated with blocking an account at the bank, delivery of low-quality products, delays in deliveries, and protect your business from other problems associated with unscrupulous partners.

Using our service is easy and convenient:
  1. Register or log in at
  2. Top up your balance (for 1, 10 or 20 reports)
  3. Search companies by English/Chinese name, social credit code or registration number.
  4. The ready report will be available in your personal account for downloading in PDF format. Also, you will be informed about the status of readiness by email, which you use during the registration on the website.

We only use verified sources of information to provide you with reliable, accurate and complete information about counterparties from China. We are ready to help you achieve success and tangible results in cooperation with Chinese companies!

your irreplaceable assistant
when working with China