Unified resource and task management system in 8 steps

  • effective (98.7% success) methodology
  • structure according to the specifics of the client
  • determine the indicators of the result in advance


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Automated business process.
70 days. Turn-key delivery.

We deploy a unified management system

You receive a task and resources management
platform, customized and structured
according to the specifics of your work

We integrate superior additional tools

All the special tools for your team are unified
and integrated, and transitions
of tasks avoid errors and execute automatically

We optimize functional business processes

Your workflow as well as information flows
are optimized and structured without
bottlenecks and risk zones

Composing professional digital portfolio

You receive turn-key delivery: structure and
process; unified work management system;
reporting and automation of your tasks


What to problems solutions we have already successfully implemented?

  • set up a single place for managing and storing documents – the right version is always at hand

  • increase the speed of employee communication – less meetings and emails

  • we build and describe the process – nothing gets stuck on approvement stage

  • develop reporting and indicators – transparency of all activities

  • automate repetitive processes – take care of the creativity and dedication of the team

  • create a unified management environment – help to evaluate the workload and resources

  • find control points and reduce the concentration on operational routine for management

  • deploy the best tools as one system for the convenience of work

We have successfully deployed a task and resource management system for more than 30 clients


Refuse emails and combine all tools in one system

  • Client: Multinational Marketing agency
  • Main goal: refuse emails and combine different tools in one system


  • All work and tasks in one place with pure visibility
  • Easy process control by statuses and workflows
  • Approvements of documents in 10 min one task
  • Stopped using emails (first case) CRM and task management integration


Integrate all development tools in one ecosystem

  • Client: IT development holding (social network, chat, video broadcasting)
  • Main goal: to integrate all development tools in one ecosystem


  • Tasks redistributed and grouped by subproducts, which allow to use personal daily dashboards.
  • Integrated the necessary additional tools for development in one management system
  • Productivity increased, the number of quarter released features (beta version) grew by 43%



Progress report and increase in time delivery

  • Client: Assets management company (real estate, securities and investments)
  • Main goal: progress report and increase in time delivery


  • The number of overdue projects decreased by 2 times
  • Operations turnover increased by 9%
  • Easy transparent decision making reports



Increase transparency and cut deadlines failures by 50%

  • Client: Manufacturing enterprise (microphones and sound equipment)
  • Main goal: increase transparency and cut deadlines failures by 50%


  • Combination of orders and cost reduction by 27%
  • Key available project data and time management
  • Easy communication with production partners 90% of new units arrived on time



We achieve results thanks to technical expertise
and a flexible methodology

We implement solutions together with the client, and not only present them

We adapt to the market, culture and specifics of the company

We train, motivate, help employees adapt to changing environment

We maintain full confidentiality of your data

Our guarantee

Simple and clear formulate the goals of implementing IT solutions

  • Evaluate and discuss in detail the scope of work
  • We set pricing transparently
  • Report on the results every week.
  • We register all terms in the official contract
Business case

Help businesses to expand and solve current problems

We work with startups, major companies and corporate divisions

New product release

automatize the process of developing new products

The rapid growth of the company

formalize the work of the team, introduce functional standards

Entering new markets

adapt current processes to a new target audience

Large-scale goals

we form end-to-end reporting and controls at all stages of work

The crisis in the company

find bottlenecks, optimize and improve processes

Mergers and acquisitions

create a unified technological management ecosystem


Check how your project and resource management system works

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“How to Map Your Processes”

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“We create opportunities for businesses, societies and people development, where everyone is inspired and devoted to their work”

We work at the junction of applying the Asian approach to change management and the modern Western approach to the implementation of IT solutions, which allows us to create a balance between technology and people.

We effectively implement working solutions.


More details

Saudi Arabia
USA, Australia
Thailand, Indonesia

Experienced international
professional services team

Chiru Harsh

Senior solution architect

Pavel Yakimov

Senior deployment consultant

Ji Changay

Senior deployment consultant


If you have your own questions
please contact us

We already use a project management system, can we use it or is it important to switch to offered product?

We offer proven, tested licensing solutions and we understand how to use objects and integrate additional tools. Most likely your system is among those offered tools.

Our team also takes on projects where the system is not popular, but convenient for the client. To determine the offer, we always discuss your goals and objectives. We collect the requirements, analyze the technical capabilities, budget.

The main thing is not the system, but real improvements, and we are open to interesting combinations to achieve the result.

What systems and programs do you use in your work?

We use only licensed software. We offer cloud solutions, because they are very flexible and allow to configure everything for client’s needs and automate as much as possible.

Our partners have a large list of products, such as G-suite, Power BI, Jira, AmoCRM, Zapier, etc. We have a large selection, but also constantly use specialized tools, so we can advice from our practice.

Do you develop own software, can you make a modification of our self-written soft?

We do not develop management system solutions or modify internal systems. However, we can integrate your systems with different tools (if technically possible) and build processes based on your product.

Here we start by auditing systems, checking the connection with the company’s process. In terms of modification, we are ready to recommend a reliable partner.

Will company performance decrease during product implementation and integration?

We practice deployments with champions – a pilot team that engage representatives of different departments and stakeholders. As a rule, these are employees who want improvements and look positively at the prospect of implementing improvements.

A structured work process allows to implement as quickly and painlessly as possible. But we recommend appoint an individual who will be a leader on your side.

Next, we conduct training and make a joint decision on working with new projects or transferring current projects. Our team always accompanies after deployment in order to bring to the right result.

How long does the implementation of control systems and automation take?

Typically, the implementation of a project and task management system is 60 days, but may be more intensive and urgent. Implementation is carried out without interruption from your activity. In addition to the process, a key aspect is the number of users and the interactive learning process.

The automation process through integrations can be done in parallel by collecting requirements. Here we have more offline work. We will need your time in terms of testing solutions.

Customization and refinement of automation can go after the deployment of the main components. Thus, you are already working on the system, and it continues to improve.

The minimum objective deployment period is 1 month.

Do you have any industry expertise, would you like to see examples from your industry?

Our team has extensive experience in process management and systems deployment. We will be able to share the specifics of implementation in different industries, a combination of processes based on the best practice. Now we are developing our own knowledge base of key industry processes and share common solutions.

We also base on your challenges and goals, the specifics of your company and always offer different compromise options. Changes do not happen quickly, and a sharp transformation can even hurt. Therefore, our experience and a structured approach will be able to create a “golden mean”.


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