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Accessing payment gateways

Access swift, secure and efficient payment solutions and drive cross-border transactions

Mastercard and Visa Memberships

Principle Membership
Associate Membership
Principal Membership is awarded to Financial Institutions directly issuing Mastercard-branded cards to consumers or businesses
Associate Membership is awarded to Financial Institutions planning to issue Mastercard-branded cards through a principal member or another associate member, enabling them to access certain Mastercard services and support

Mastercard Members and Issuers

Mastercard members are individuals or businesses authorised by Mastercard to issue or acquire payment cards bearing the Mastercard brand, or engage in other approved activities

Mastercard issuers are financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, or retailers, that provide credit lines or debit cards to consumers and businesses

Steps to connecting to Mastercard Membership

Entering into an agreement with Mastercard,
outlining rights, responsibilities, and compliance obligations
Assessment of financial institution for compliance
with Mastercard rules, regulations, and security standards by Mastercard
Due diligence on the application
for alignment with membership criteria
Submission of a high-quality application form
with detailed information about the organisation’s structure, operations, and compliance capabilities
Initiation of initial inquiry to Mastercard
about joining the membership
Contract signing with ChangeLab
for connection to MasterCard

Benefits of Mastercard Membership

Access to Mastercard’s global payments network
Permission to provide personalized credit, debit, or prepaid cards
Access to cutting-edge security measures and compliance guidance for secure transactions
Collaboration opportunities within Mastercard’s network for business growth and resource access
Valuable transaction data and analytics for informed decision-making and customer behaviour insights
Revenue generation through transaction fees, interchange fees, and other revenue streams
Principle Membership
Associate Membership
Issue cards Disburse cash ● Acquire merchants ● Manage settlement risk ● Host own processing ● Sponsor others ● Handle reporting ● Manage sponsored financial institutions ● Directly licence BINs ● Register third-party agents
  • Issue cards
  • Disburse cash
  • Acquire merchants
  • Directly licence BINs
  • Register third-party agents

Visa Members and Issuers

A Visa member is an entity authorised to participate in the Visa payments network, with rights and obligations defined by Visa within the framework of financial regulations

Visa issuers can be banks, credit unions, or other approved entities that provide consumers and businesses with access to widely accepted payment methods

Steps to connecting to Mastercard Membership

Implementation activities
for connection to the Visa network
Verification process
may be required based on the country, such as AML questionnaire and client licensing agreement
Submitting additional forms
may be required based on the country, such as AML questionnaire and client licensing agreement
Pre-filling Visa's onboarding questionnaire
with necessary documents like banking license and financial statements and submit them to you for approval
Documents collection
Our team will review them, so they would meet Visa's criteria and accurately represent your institution
Contract signing with ChangeLab

for connection to Visa

Gaining access
to Visa APIs and solutions

Benefits of Visa Membership

Building global trust by aligning with Visa's renowned reputation for reliability, security, and innovation
Access to Visa's extensive presence in over 200 countries and territories for global market expansion
Access to cutting-edge payment technologies like contactless payments and mobile wallets
Providing seamless payment experiences for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
Guidance and support from Visa to ensure regulatory compliance and standards adherence
Tailoring offerings to meet specific customer needs and differentiate in the market
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