Services for banks and investors
Opening bank accounts in China
Possibility of conversion transactions
2 months
Account opening
Opening accounts in dollars euro yuan
We undertake the passage of KYC and Compliance
Possibility of payments to any Chinese banks
Ability to connect to the interbank settlement systems of China (instead of SWIFT)
Extended cut-of-time until 13:00 Moscow time
Connection to settlement systems
+1300 банков
+$400 billion
Number of members over 1300 banks in 98 countries
The volume of daily payments
CIPS is a Chinese platform for cross-border payments in yuan
Development of transactional business in CNY
Fast payment processing in China
Ability to pay to all Chinese banks
Alternative to SWIFT for payments to China
CFXPS - Chinese platform for cross-border payments in USD, EUR, GBP, HKD
Direct integration with a Chinese bank
Alternative to SWIFT for foreign currency payments
No intermediary commission
Minimization of compliance requirements
Absence of US and European banks in the payment chain
TKB and others
Successful Russian cases
Attraction of financing
до 1 года
до 5 лет
CNY loans up to 1 year (Regional banks) for trade finance purposes
CNY loans up to
CNY loans up to 5 years (CDB, CCB)
CNY loans up to
Advising a letter of credit in CNY to any bank in China
Carrying out factoring transactions within the FCI
Short interbank financing for terms of 1, 3, 6 months
Project finance in CNY with SINOSURE insurance up to 10 years
Financing of ESG projects up to 15 years (New Development Bank, RKIFRR)
Attraction of syndicated loans in CNY
Interbank rates in CNY for different periods as of 04.2022
2 largest
China is the second largest bond market in the world
+$12 trillion
China stock market capitalization
QFII - China Qualified Foreign Investor Status
Add to status allows you to:
Buy Chinese stocks and bonds on all stock exchanges
(Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhnen Stock Exchange, Beijing Stock Exchange)
Make transactions with derivatives
Make transactions in commodity markets
(Dalian Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange)
Withdraw money from China without restrictions
Buy currency (USDCNY CNYRUB)
+500 counterparties
Transactions with >500 counterparties
Direct Access to Chinese Organized Markets (DMA)
Free preliminary check with the regulator
Let's translate everything into Chinese ourselves
We will complete all the paperwork for you
No prepayments
We implement the project in 3-4 months
Receiving steps:
Preparation of a package of documents, passing KYC and Compliance
Obtaining a license from the regulator
Registration with the foreign exchange office
Opening depo accounts
Opening brokerage accounts
IT integration and testing
Support at all stages by our expert team
ChangeLab is a Partner LianHe Credit
+4000 clients
LianHe has a market share
LianHe portfolio
Why is it important:
Opportunity to expand financial infrastructure in China
Positioning in the interbank market of China
Acceleration of Compliance and KYC procedures when opening accounts
Opportunity to obtain credit lines for trade finance
Possibility of issuing bonds in CNY
Getting access to CFETS
Shibor overnight
Trade volume in April 2022:
7,894 trillion CNY
Volume of interbank loans in April 2022:
4,199 trillion CNY
Foreign currency loans:
USD overnight = 0,75
CFETS (China Foreign Exchange Trade System) is a Chinese clearing system, a platform that provides access to the interbank market
Shibor overnight
Объем торговли в апреле 2022
7,894 трлн CNY
Объем межбанковских кредитов в апреле 2022
4,199 трлн CNY
Займы в иностранной валюте
USD overnight = 0,75
Преимущества CFETS:
Having your own terminal
Getting remote access to the platform
Presence of own clearing center
Access to the foreign exchange market
Access to the money market
Access to the bond market
derivatives market
Gold trading
Preparation of analytical reports on companies in Asia, the Middle East
Analysis of companies in China, Hong Kong, Singapore
Technical analysis by groups of assets
Industry reports
Support and support of M&A transactions
Extensive experience in the M&A team
Work with the largest project sites in China, Hong Kong, Singapore
Buying a business
Translation of financial and legal documents for business needs with certification and apostille

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