Services for banks and investors
Opening bank accounts in China
Possibility of conversion transactions
2 months
Account opening
  • Opening accounts in dollars euro yuan
  • We undertake the passage of KYC and Compliance
  • Possibility of payments to any Chinese banks
  • Ability to connect to the interbank settlement systems of China (instead of SWIFT)
  • Extended cut-of-time until 13:00 Moscow time
Connection to settlement systems
+1300 banks
+$400 billion
Number of members over 1300 banks in 98 countries
The volume of daily payments
CIPS is a Chinese platform for cross-border payments in yuan
  • Development of transactional business in CNY
  • Fast payment processing in China
  • Ability to pay to all Chinese banks
  • Alternative to SWIFT for payments to China
CFXPS - Chinese platform for cross-border payments in USD, EUR, GBP, HKD
  • Direct integration with a Chinese bank
  • Alternative to SWIFT for foreign currency payments
  • No intermediary commission
  • Minimization of compliance requirements
  • Absence of US and European banks in the payment chain
Attraction of financing
up to 1 year
up to 5 years
CNY loans up to 1 year (Regional banks) for trade finance purposes
CNY loans up to
CNY loans up to 5 years (CDB, CCB)
CNY loans up to
  • Advising a letter of credit in CNY to any bank in China
  • Carrying out factoring transactions within the FCI
  • Short interbank financing for terms of 1, 3, 6 months
  • Project finance in CNY with SINOSURE insurance up to 10 years
  • Financing of ESG projects up to 15 years (New Development Bank, RKIFRR)
  • Attraction of syndicated loans in CNY
Interbank rates in CNY for different periods as of 04.2022
2 largest
China is the second largest bond market in the world
+$12 trillion
China stock market capitalization
QFII - China Qualified Foreign Investor Status
Add to status allows you to:
  • Buy Chinese stocks and bonds on all stock exchanges
    (Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhnen Stock Exchange, Beijing Stock Exchange)
  • Make transactions with derivatives
  • Make transactions in commodity markets
    (Dalian Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange)
  • Withdraw money from China without restrictions
  • Buy currency (USDCNY CNYRUB)
+500 counterparties
Transactions with >500 counterparties
  • Direct Access to Chinese Organized Markets (DMA)
  • Free preliminary check with the regulator
  • Let's translate everything into Chinese ourselves
  • We will complete all the paperwork for you
  • No prepayments
  • We implement the project in 3-4 months
Receiving steps:
Preparation of a package of documents, passing KYC and Compliance
Obtaining a license from the regulator
Registration with the foreign exchange office
Opening depo accounts
Opening brokerage accounts
IT integration and testing
Support at all stages by our expert team
ChangeLab is a Partner LianHe Credit
+4000 clients
LianHe has a market share
LianHe portfolio
Why is it important:
  • Opportunity to expand financial infrastructure in China
  • Positioning in the interbank market of China
  • Acceleration of Compliance and KYC procedures when opening accounts
  • Opportunity to obtain credit lines for trade finance
  • Possibility of issuing bonds in CNY
Getting access to CFETS
Shibor overnight
Trade volume in April 2022:
7,894 trillion CNY
Volume of interbank loans in April 2022:
4,199 trillion CNY
Foreign currency loans:
USD overnight = 0,75
CFETS (China Foreign Exchange Trade System) is a Chinese clearing system, a platform that provides access to the interbank market
Shibor overnight
Объем торговли в апреле 2022
7,894 трлн CNY
Объем межбанковских кредитов в апреле 2022
4,199 трлн CNY
Займы в иностранной валюте
USD overnight = 0,75
Advantages of
  • Having your own terminal
  • Getting remote access to the platform
  • Presence of own clearing center
  • Access to the foreign exchange market
  • Access to the money market
  • Access to the bond market
  • derivatives market
  • Gold trading
Preparation of analytical reports on companies in Asia, the Middle East
  • Analysis of companies in China, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Technical analysis by groups of assets
  • Industry reports
Support and support of M&A transactions
  • Extensive experience in the M&A team
  • Work with the largest project sites in China, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Buying a business
Translation of financial and legal documents for business needs with certification and apostille