Services for companies
Opening current accounts in Banks of China and Hong Kong
11 currencies
Multicurrency account can accept 11 currencies
We open accounts with the Bank of Shanghai
and Standard Chartered Hong Kong.
  • Remote account opening
  • Payment for foreign trade contracts directly without intermediaries
  • Possibility of conversion transactions USDCNY
  • Possibility of opening letters of credit and discounting
  • Conversion at favorable fixed exchange rates
1 month

Deadline for opening
130 countries
Payments in more than 130 countries
Attracting trade and project financing
$ 146 billion
Trade turnover in 2021
Trade finance areas:
  • Attraction under trade contracts or invoices
  • Post-financing for letters of credit up to 365 days
  • Factoring Interaction (FCI)
  • Obtaining financing under the insurance of Sinosure and EXIAR
Directions of project financing:
  • Lending up to 15 years for ESG projects
    in cooperation with New Development Bank, RCIF
  • Attracting up to 10 years for infrastructure projects
    in cooperation with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, China Export Import Bank, China Development Bank
  • Syndicated lending
    in partnership with development banks One belt & One road
regional green funds
15 years
Financing up to
Obtaining a credit rating
ChangeLab is a Partner LianHe Credit
LianHe has a market share
+4000 clients
LianHe portfolio
Why is it important:
  • Opening opportunities for financial infrastructure in China:
    opening direct correspondent accounts, developing trade finance
  • Attracting financing:
    credit lines for current assets, project financing, bond issue
  • Positioning in the Chinese market and the loyal attitude of Chinese counterparties
  • Simplification of compliance procedures in the local market
Preparation of analytical reports on companies in Asia, the Middle East
  • Analysis of companies in China, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Technical analysis by groups of assets
  • Industry reports
Support and support of M&A transactions
  • Extensive experience in the M&A team
  • Work with the largest project sites in China, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Buying a business
Translation of financial and legal documents for business needs with certification and apostille