Obtain local rating in China
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ChangeLab — an authorized partner of Lianhe Ratings Global
The largest rating agency in China and Hong Kong with a market share ofover 30%
The advantages of obtaining a local chinese rating
New opportunities for financial infrastructure in China: opening direct correspondent accounts, setting FX limits

Set up interbank funding limits (1year – 10 years) for trade finance and project finance in

Interest on issuing bonds and privateplacemen

Positioning in China and loyal attitude of Chinese counterparties

Simplification of complianceprocedures inthe local market

Possibilities to open LC with funding upto 180 days
Trade finance
— Issuance of LC in
— LC confirmation and bank guarantee insurance
— Factoring Interaction (FCI)
Interbank funding limits for trade finance operations (up to 2 years)
Interbank funding limits for projects finance (up to 10 years)
Guangdong-hong kong-macao greaterbay area
It includes 9 municipalities and two special administrative regions -Hong Kong and Macau. This project should become a global center of finance inthe next 2 years, as well as bring China into technological leadership,including full independence in the production of semiconductors.
One belt, one road
Launched in 2013 by President Xi Jinping. The initiative supportsdevelopment and investment initiatives from East Asia to Europe, whilesignificantly expanding China's economic and political influence.
Attract finance
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